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State-of-the-art processing.


We have the largest selection of machines in New Zealand, ranging from high-speed traveling head die cutting presses, small swing arm cutting press, large area beam die cutting presses, and kiss cutting platen die cutting machines up to 100 ton. In total we have 7 presses all with their own specialities to save time, material, and save you money.

Most of our machines are fed directly from long laying up tables, saving time and valuable materials. No need to cut into blocks to fit onto slow sliding table beam machines.

Materials can be received and dispatched by courier, trucks, or shipping containers. We have a 2.5 ton container compatible forklift and palletising facilities.

Other services we offer include packaging, labelling of cut pieces so they are ready to go direct to retail, and other processing facilities.

Edge taping, double sided tape application, laminating, heat folding product labelling and fabric sample book cutting and assembly.

Cutting Dies & Formes Used

A cutting die or cutting forme is similar to a cookie cutter but is manufactured to the highest accuracy and suitable for use in mass production.

I will recommend the type of cutting die used and this will depends on a number of factors including material composition, material thickness, complexity of shape and in some cases what process is to be undertaken after it is cut.

Our dies can incorporate, fold lines, creases, perforations, cut outs and punch holes.

Some dies have been used to cut hundreds of thousands of pieces and still operational after 30 years.

Our History

We have been in operation since 1980 as New Zealand's most respected die and press cutting company.

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We are able to cut almost any material, including metal, paper, rubber, and fabrics.

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We employ a range of advanced cutting techniques to suit all situations and materials.

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Products We Cut

We supply products to wholesale retailers and manufacturers through our cutting service.

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